Foxy Games Sign Up Offer

This offer is for a casino promotion and differs from a regular betting offer. If you are unfamiliar with casino promotions, read my Casino Offer Introduction first.

Sign up to Foxy Games to claim this promotion. Foxy Games was formerly Foxy Casino. You can’t claim this offer if you already have an account with Foxy Casino.

This offer has several parts. First, you must wager £10 to get a £20 bonus. Once you have wagered the bonus forty times (equivalent to wagering £800), you can withdraw it. After you’ve completed the bonus part, you’ll have 30 free spins to use on Lock O’ The Irish.

The expected value of this offer is £17.02. If you played it hundreds or thousands of times, your average profit would be close to this figure. Of course, you’re only playing it once, so variance comes into play. I must stress again you may make more than this or even a small loss.

A summary of the offer is below:

  • Deposit amount: £10
  • Wagering requirement: £10
  • Bonus: £20 (40x wagering requirement)
  • Recommended game for wagering: Big Bass Splash (95.67% RTP)
  • Free spins: 30 free spins
  • Eligible game for free spins: Lock O’ The Irish

Qualifying wager

First, you’ll need to sign up for a Foxy Games account.

Deposit £10 using a debit card. Other deposit methods may not qualify you for the offer.

Foxy Games

Then go to the game, Big Bass Splash. For simplicity, you’ll use the same game for your qualifying and free bonus wagering. Later, you can play different games to maximise your ‘Return to Player (RTP)’ for each step.

When wagering to qualify for a reward, such as a bonus or free spins, placing your bets at the minimum stake is best, as this will reduce the variance.

Big Bass Splash has an RTP of 95.67%. For every £100 wagered, you will average a £95.67 return. In other words, a £4.33 loss. You must wager £10 to qualify for the offer, so expect a £0.43 qualifying loss.

Foxy Games

Claim your bonus

Once you’ve wagered £10, you can claim your £20 bonus. Go to ‘My Bonuses’ under the ‘Promotions’ tab. If you don’t see it, contact their live chat; they should be able to credit it to your account.

Using your bonus

You must roll over your £20 bonus forty times before you are allowed to withdraw it. That is equivalent to wagering £800 in total (£20 x 40 = £800).

Applying the 95.67% RTP for Big Bass Splash gives you £765.36 (£800 x 95.67%). That means that after wagering £800, you would expect to lose £34.64 on average.

You may think, “Hold on! Expecting to lose £34.64 when you only have a £20 bonus sounds like a bad idea”. And you’d be right. The trick here is that Foxy Games puts your bonus into a separate balance on your account. The bonus balance is wagered first before any real money. If your bonus balance reaches zero, you must stop playing!

If you use up your bonus balance, it’s called ‘going bust’. Going bust on your bonus balance is common and may happen quickly, near the end of the wager requirements, or not at all. If you go bust and stop playing, you won’t have lost any real money – only what you lost on your qualifying wager (if you lost at all; you might have made a profit).

Sometimes, you will go bust, but it’s important to remember that other times, you won’t and will end up with a sizeable win. Over the long term, everything heads towards the expected value.

With this in mind, let’s open up Big Bass Splash and work through your £20 bonus with £1-£2 spins. Keep going until you’ve rolled over your bonus forty times, and your remaining bonus becomes part of your cash balance. At this point, stop playing and move on to the next part of the offer.

Hopefully, you made a profit, but maybe you went bust. Remember, expected value always comes out in the long run.

Claiming your free spins

The second part of this offer gives you 30 free spins to use on Lock O’ The Irish. Claim your free spins under ‘My Free Spins’ on the ‘Promotions’ tab.

Using your free spins

Unlike your £20 bonus, anything you win with your free spins will go straight into your cash balance. They are also only valid on Lock O’ The Irish.

Your free spins have a value of £0.10 each. With 30 of them to play with, you’ll be wagering a total of £3. Lock O’ The Irish has an RTP of at least 95%, so you can expect to make £2.85 cash from them on average.

Foxy Games

I made £1.14 from my 30 free spins on Lock O’ The Irish. Below the expected value of £2.85, but that’s how variance works. There will be above-EV wins further down the line.

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