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Updated: April 12, 2024

As a matched bettor, I’ve visited hundreds of betting and gambling websites. Most bookmakers operate on the same basic model: They offer odds (in their favour) on a specific outcome and encourage players to stake as much as possible. Most betting sites are carbon copies of one another with slight variations on available markets and bonuses.

When someone comes along and does things differently, it gets my attention.

One of those is Betmate.

Unlike a traditional bookmaker, Betmate aims to provide a fun, social experience. Instead of competing against Betmate, their app allows you to compete with other users in a ‘pot’ for a small entry fee. Pots are each based on a familiar game, such as selecting the correct winners for football matches (acca style) or assembling the best fantasy football team for a round of fixtures (my favourite!). The pot then pays out to the users who rank the highest. Based on the game, that could be the most results predicted correctly or the most points earned by your fantasy team.

A selection of Betmate app screenshots on mobile phones with the heading 'The Home of Social Betting'.

Can I use Betmate for matched betting?

Because Betmate uses a ranking system rather than odds, you can’t match outcomes at a betting exchange. Therefore, you can’t take advantage of their promotions via matched betting.

So why am I writing about Betmate? Simply because it’s fun to play.

Have you ever played ‘Fantasy Premier League’ or put an accumulator on the weekend’s football fixtures to make things more interesting? If so, you’re the kind of person it will appeal to. Don’t view it as a way to earn money; instead, enjoy the competition it breeds between your friends or colleagues. You may even be able to take some money from them in the process!

Social betting

It’s this social aspect that elevates Betmate. You can set up private invite-only pots with your friends and set the entry fee, game type, and number of winners. Then, when the matches are underway, watch your rankings change in real time. You’re not competing with a faceless corporation but with people you know, with true rivalries.

Everything Betmate does focuses on the social experience and keeping things fun. It even extends to limiting the entry fees for pots. The entry fees for public pots vary between £3, £5 and £10. While the larger public pots might have high payouts should you rank well, they’re not designed to encourage you to place huge stakes. If you’re looking for high levels of boom and bust, you’re better off at a traditional bookmaker. Betmate tries to keep things sensible so the rivalries stay fun.

As you might imagine, Betmate is relatively new (founded in 2020, with a gambling license granted in 2021) but with a steadily growing user base. It has all the relevant licensing and gambling controls you’d expect, with options to self-exclude, limit deposits, etc. As always, bet responsibly and know your limits.

It’s all wrapped up in a slick app that does an excellent job of showing you the information you need.

Pot types

Betmate has several different pots with varying games and options. I’ll explain each one below, but the best way to learn more is to open a Betmate account and explore for yourself. If you download the app via this link and enter the promo code ‘MBB20‘ when registering, you’ll get a ‘Bet £10, Get £20’ welcome offer exclusive to Matched Betting Blog users.

Two mobile phones displaying screenshots of Betmates private pots.

Private pots

As you would imagine, private pots are invite-only pots created by yourself or a friend. You select the entry fee (from as little as £1 and upwards) and positions paid (winner takes all or spread the winnings over the top 3 or 5 places). You also select the game type from Fantasy, Survivor, Full Time Result, Both Teams To Score, and Goalscorer. I’ll go through those in more detail later.

When choosing the ‘Survivor’ game type, you can also set up an ‘Organiser’s Percentage’. Usually, all the money paid into a private pot gets paid out to the winners. With the organiser’s percentage enabled, you can set aside a percentage of the total pot. Suppose you’re setting up your pot for a sports team or social club. It’s an excellent way of setting aside money for a night out, new equipment or anything else that will benefit the group.

Two mobile phones displaying screenshots of Betmates public pots.

Public pots

Public pots are similar to private pots, with the same games and setup options. The main difference is that the Betmate team sets them up; anyone can join. It usually means you get more people in them and a larger payout for ranking in the top positions.

Unlike private pots, public pots can also have a ‘guaranteed’ prize fund. So, no matter how many people pay the entry fee, the overall pot total remains the same. Sometimes, this can work in your favour because the total payout exceeds the combined entry fees. Usually, though, this is the other way around and is where Betmate earns its cut. Betmate will never take a cut of a private pot, so when you play with friends, the overall amount of money remains the same – it just ends up being owned by different people.

Some public pots also have a ‘jackpot’, an additional bonus on top of the leaderboard winnings. Usually, this is for getting something 100% correct – like correctly guessing all the results in a set of fixtures.

Three screenshots showing my £120 win on Betmates fantasy football game.

I actually managed to bag £120 using a £5 free bet I had to use on a public pot! See the screenshot above for my winning fantasy team and leaderboard.

Game types

Five screenshots showing some of Betmate's games - Full Time Result, Both Teams To Score, Anytime Goalscorer, Builder and Survivor.

Betmate offers a variety of game types that will be familiar to people who have placed bets before. These include picking the correct outcomes from a set of fixtures for full-time results, both teams to score, or anytime goalscorers. It’s like an accumulator but without the need to get every selection correct to win. Players are ranked based on how many selections they guess correctly, so you just need to beat the people you’re competing with. Even if you come up just short of top-spot, you may still win one of the lesser prizes.

Builder‘ is Betmate’s take on the traditional ‘Bet Builder’ offered by sportsbooks, where you predict various markets within a selection of fixtures. Each correct prediction corresponds with a number of points, which are then used to rank all competitors in the pot.

A ‘Survivor‘ game asks you to pick a winning team each week. If your selected team draws or loses, you get knocked out. Once you’ve picked a team, you cannot pick them again. The winner is the last player standing.

Two screenshots showing Betmates fantasy football game.

However, my favourite is ‘Fantasy‘ – Betmate’s take on Fantasy Football. Unlike the official Premier League version, there is no budget, and the game only lasts for one round of fixtures. There are some restrictions, like how many players you can have from the same team, but generally, the setup is to make your team selection quick and easy. You won’t need to spend hours poring over form and tactics, only for your friends to be out of sight after the first few game weeks. Have you had a shocker? No problem. Set up another pot for the next round of fixtures.

The scoring for fantasy is slightly different from what you might be used to, but I think for the better. You only need to select seven players instead of the typical eleven, so you don’t need to agonise over so many selections. Which also has the added benefit of making each selection more meaningful.

By making the points for goals and assists closer together and rewarding tackles, interceptions and saves, you can get a good haul from different players, not just superstar strikers. A better balance across your team makes for a fairer, more exciting game.

There are a few more details, but the general scoring is as follows:

  • Goalkeepers score a point per save.
  • All players score a point per tackle and interception.
  • Assists (4 pts) are almost worth the same points as a goal (5 pts).
  • A captain’s score is boosted x2.
  • A vice-captain’s score is boosted x1.5.
  • There are points for game time, clean sheets, and penalty saves.
  • Negative points for goals conceded, cards, own goals, and penalty misses.

For all games, the leaderboard is updated in real time thanks to data from Opta, creating great competition. WhatsApp messages will fly back and forth as you jostle for position.

Give it a try!

As I’ve said, you won’t make any guaranteed profit from Betmate, but it is great fun!

As a bonus, I’ve got an exclusive signup offer. MBB users can get a ‘Bet £10, Get £20‘ welcome bonus, compared to their standard ‘Bet £10, Get £10’. Follow the link below, and use code ‘MBB20‘ during signup.

Be sure to opt-in to receive news and offers by email or push notification. You’ll receive further free bets and bonuses when you trigger specific criteria or Betmate runs a seasonal campaign.

Once you’ve signed up, you can get another £10 free bet for inviting a friend. So be sociable and enjoy!

Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions apply to new customers who open an account from 12:00 UK Time on 1st February 2024.

How the offer works:

  • Sign up, verify and meet the qualifying depositing and staking requirements.
  • If you deposit and stake £10, you will receive two times that value in Free Bets upon placement of qualifying bets. For example, if you make a qualifying deposit of £10, you will release £20 in Free Bets.
  • Once your qualifying bet(s) has been placed, you receive your Free Bets and can select the awarded Free Bets by pressing the ‘Free Bet Icon’ in the footer when joining a new pot.
  • Once you have met the qualifying conditions, you can use your Free Bets to stake bets without risking your own cash. Free Bets can be used on any game type across the platform. Any cash returns from bets placed with free bets are added to your withdrawal balance. You can also fund a bet with a combination of Free Bets and cash.
  • If you don’t claim the offer via the signup code during the registration process, you can not claim the free offer from your first deposit.

Full Terms and Conditions:

  • Available to new customers only. Make a qualifying deposit and staking of £10* or more to claim up to a maximum of £20* in Free Bets. Once released, your Free Bets will be held in your account balance and are non-withdrawable.
  • Any returns from Free Bets placed will be added to your withdrawable balance.
  • Your Free Bets may only be valid for a set time period. The responsibility is upon the user to ensure that their Free Bets are used within the stated time period. More information can be found within the free bets section within the app.
  • There is no stated deadline for the stated signup offer but Betmate may change these requirements at any set date.
  • This offer is only available to customers residing in the UK.
  • Where any term of the offer or promotion is breached or there is any evidence of a series of bets placed by a customer or group of customers, which due to enhanced payments, Free Bets or any other promotional offer results in guaranteed customer profits irrespective of the outcome, whether individually or as part of a group, Betmate may reclaim the enhanced payment, Free Bet, refund payment or Bet Credit element of such offers and/or void any bet funded by the Free Bet or Free Bets. In addition, where there is evidence of such activity.
  • Betmate may reclaim any bonus amount, Free Bets, refund amount or enhanced payments that have been awarded in error.
  • All customer offers are limited to one per person. If Betmate has reasonable grounds to suspect that the bonus or offer is being claimed by or for the benefit of the same person more than once or by a group of people, then it may withdraw the availability of any offer or all offers to that customer or group of customers and/or void any bet funded by the bonus or offer and remove any winnings from such bet.
  • Betmate may, at any time, make minor amendments to this promotion to correct typographical errors or to improve on clarity or customer experience and may cancel this promotion for legal or regulatory reasons.
  • Employees, officers and directors of Betmate, its promotional or other agencies, licensees and licensors, service providers and any other associated or affiliated companies shall not be eligible for the promotion. The same terms shall apply to the direct families of such persons.

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