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Updated: May 25, 2024

When it comes to matched betting, time is everything. Completing offers efficiently before moving on to the next one is essential to maximise your hourly profit. When considering a premium matched betting service, it’s about weighing up your time saved and extra profit against the additional cost of the service itself.

A premium matched betting service generally offers tools that a free site like mine cannot, such as scanning live odds to find the most profitable back and lay opportunities for specific offer types. These are necessary for some offers to be worthwhile.

If you’re new to matched betting, you will naturally start more slowly before building up confidence and speed. If this is you, my free Matched Betting Academy should be your first port of call. It allows you to profit from every available welcome offer in a structured, logical and staged approach. It introduces new concepts gradually, keeps you on track and won’t cost you a penny. Only once you hit a certain level of confidence will the time-saving tools of a premium service come into their own. That will vary for different people – some may know after their first few offers, and others may want to take their time and complete a good chunk of welcome offers first.

In this review, I’ll examine OddsMonkey, its features and benefits, and whether it’s worth some of your hard-earned profits.

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What is OddsMonkey?

OddsMonkey is a subscription-based matched betting service that shows users how to profit from bookmaker, casino and bingo offers.

When OddsMonkey launched in August 2011, they were solely an odds-matching service. Their software was the first of its kind, enabling users to compare back and lay odds instantly and avoid much of the legwork in finding bets.

OddsMonkey went on to offer a complete matched betting package, launching a brand new site in April 2016.

Today, they offer a comprehensive set of tools. They have the original OddsMatcher, plus 2UP, Extra Place, Racing, Each Way, Dutch and BOG Matchers. There’s also an Acca Finder, Profit Tracker and over 15 calculators for specific offer types and scenarios. Some of the tools are worth the subscription fee on their own. The fact you get access to all of them sweetens the deal further.

On top of that, they boast a thriving community of like-minded matched bettors on their forum and Facebook groups, plus chat and email support if ever you get stuck.


There are two membership tiers on OddsMonkey – Premium and All Access.

Premium is £29.99 per month or £249.99 for the year. You can access a wide range of matched betting content, tools, support and profit tracking.

As I said before, it’s a case of weighing up how much more you can make compared to the subscription price. Once you’re confident with matched betting, some of their tools alone can be worth the subscription price.

All Access is £49.99 per month or £349.99 for the year. It includes everything in Premium, plus access to the Each Way Pro and BOG Matcher – more on those shortly. You’ll also get full access to their casino content and tools. You can make a lot of profit from casino offers – just as you can from matched betting. It also dovetails nicely with your matched betting activities. I’ll go into more detail later, but it’s worth considering.

If you did take a yearly All Access membership plan, you’re getting five months of free membership per year compared to paying monthly.

As a Matched Betting Blog user, you can get 50% off your first month or lock in long-term savings with a discounted annual membership. Follow this link to get your exclusive offer today. OddsMonkey provide a 30-day money-back guarantee on all their paid plans, so there’s minimal risk involved.

There’s another bonus when signing up for OddsMonkey. The price you sign up at is the price you will pay for the lifetime of your account. That can even include if you signed up at a discounted rate on an annual plan. They have members who signed up in the early days and are still only paying £5 per month today.

0% Smarkets commission

Zero percent commission at Smarkets.

In addition to OddsMonkey’s tools, they have some exclusive offers you can’t get anywhere else. The biggest is 0% commission for existing Smarkets customers – not just a limited period for new customers. All you need to do is place a bet on Smarkets each month via OddsMonkey’s OddsMatcher, and you’ll receive 30 days of 0% commission with Smarkets.

If you use Smarkets as your primary exchange (and I recommend you do), this alone can save you close to, or even more than, the monthly subscription fee.

This 0% commission offer is exclusive to OddsMonkey users. You won’t find it anywhere else.

What tools do they have?


Their odds matcher was the original and is still an excellent tool. It compares the odds from over 80 bookmakers, with the best back and lay bets at the top of the pile. It helps you squeeze every penny out of the offers available.

Compared to other odds matchers, users have commented that they can find opportunities that don’t appear on rival services.

A screenshot of OddsMonkey's OddsMatcher tool.

Just be careful when using an odds matcher that you avoid falling into the trap of always choosing the most profitable option every time. Constantly doing so or selecting events that are obscure to the casual bettor can result in a bookmaker flagging your account and placing restrictions on you. These can include being unable to claim offers or limiting your bet amount. Luckily, they have multiple filters to help you select appropriate bets.

2UP Matcher

The 2UP Matcher is a brand-new tool designed to take the effort out of profiting from 2UP offers.

It checks the odds at every bookmaker that runs 2UP offers and automatically pairs them with the closest lay bets at various exchanges. There are several filters, which notably include the ability to show only major football matches. That means you won’t get flagged as a matched bettor by betting on something obscure like the Japanese J1 League.

A screenshot of OddsMonkey's 2UP Matcher tool.

Just like all the other Matchers, it saves you time. You can use this time to complete more offers, increasing the income you generate without increasing the time you spend matched betting.

Extra Place Matcher

Extra place offers can be time-consuming unless you use a tool like the Extra Place Matcher.

A screenshot of OddsMonkey's Extra Place Matcher tool.

Instead of looking up the eligible races, manually checking the bookmaker and exchange for close odds, and using calculators to work out your back and lay stakes, the Extra Place Matcher uses live odds to do it all for you.

It even links to the relevant bookmaker and exchange pages to place your bets. The Extra Place Matcher is easily worth the subscription fee alone.

BOG Matcher

‘BOG’ stands for Best Odds Guaranteed, an offer type whereby a bookmaker will pay out at the starting price odds if they are higher than the odds at which you placed your bet. For example, if you back a horse at odds of 5/1, and the odds have increased to 10/1 by the start of the race, the bookmaker would pay winning bets out at 10/1 instead of the 5/1 you placed your bet at.

A screenshot of OddsMonkey's BOG Matcher tool.

To profit from these offers, you need to place bets for zero qualifying loss, which you do by finding selections with identical bookmaker back odds and exchange lay odds. It’s then a case of hoping you hit some Best Odds Guaranteed payouts.

Finding such opportunities manually would take too much time and effort to make it profitable. But with a tool doing the hard work for you, it’s another excellent opportunity to make money.

This Matcher is only available at OddsMonkey on their All Access tier. No other matched betting site offers this.

Racing Matcher

Horse racing offers are available every single day, making The Racing Matcher another handy tool to have around.

A screenshot of OddsMonkey's Racing Matcher tool.

The Racing Matcher will list any races that have an available offer. Select the race or offer you’re interested in, and the tool will list the runners in order of lowest qualifying loss. You can judge whether the qualifying bet is worth placing based on the effective odds.

Each Way Matcher

The Each Way Matcher is another tool that will pay dividends on your subscription fee.

A screenshot of OddsMonkey's Each Way Matcher tool.

Each way arbing is the process of backing a horse each way and laying the individual win and place parts to make a fixed profit regardless of the outcome. The Each Way Matcher scans the markets and identifies the races and horses presenting a profitable opportunity.

The calculator option on the right-hand side of the tool will tell you how much you need to lay on both the win and place parts of your each way bet.

I wouldn’t recommend each way arbing on your healthy accounts, but it’s a great way of squeezing profit out of any gubbed accounts you may have.

OddsMonkey also offer a ‘Pro’ version on their All Access plan. This version filters out ‘bad’ each way races – ones that are likely to get your account flagged by a bookmaker. It also allows you to place your ‘Win’ and ‘Place’ parts as a single lay bet via OddsMonkey’s exclusive exchange – BetConnect – saving you even more time and effort.

Dutch Matcher

Dutching can be another means of profiting from your gubbed accounts. The Dutch Matcher is also great for placing qualifying and free bets on select sports.

A screenshot of OddsMonkey's Dutch Matcher tool.

Dutching covers all outcomes at different bookmakers rather than using a betting exchange. A tennis match is an excellent example, as retirement rules sometimes differ between bookmakers and exchanges. Instead of using a betting exchange, you can back Player A at one bookmaker and Player B at a different bookmaker, provided they share the same rules.

Acca Finder

The Acca Finder is another excellent tool for the more experienced matched bettor.

A screenshot of OddsMonkey's Acca Finder tool.

With over 20 bookmakers, The Acca Finder compares bookmaker and exchange odds to give you the best value accumulator bets. The expected value of each accumulator is displayed, and it’s straightforward to amend the accumulator by simply swapping selections as you wish.

There are also many ways to tailor your accumulator. You can select different sizes of accumulators (number of legs), specify minimum and maximum odds and specify how long you would like the accumulator to last (in days).

It’s a big time saver that’s sure to increase your profits.

Calculators for every situation

I’ve listed all the major time-saving Matchers that OddsMonkey offer, but they also have a range of simple calculators.

A screenshot of OddsMonkey's range of calculators.

Aside from the ones you’d expect to see for all the major offer types, they have calculators for when you find yourself in unexpected or unwanted situations. These include things like if your horse is involved in a dead heat, rule 4 deduction, or you’ve made an unwanted lay bet.

When you find yourself in a situation like this, you’ll be glad to have the means to sort it out.

Profit Tracker

Knowing what bets you’ve got open and where they are is a concern for all matched bettors. The traditional way to do this is by manually tracking things in spreadsheets. OddsMonkey takes some of this pain away by allowing you to record your bets directly from their tools. Just click a button, and it adds the selected back and lay bets to your records.

You can also manually add bets to the Tracker, so everything is still in one place, even if it’s a bet placed outside of their tools.

A screenshot of OddsMonkey's Profit Tracker.

Casino and bingo offers

Aside from matched betting, OddsMonkey also cover casino and bingo offers on their All Access tier.

A screenshot of OddsMonkey's casino welcome offers.

Casino offers can be hugely profitable and complement your matched betting income perfectly. Whereas matched betting occurs around sporting events, you can do casino offers anytime and complete an offer in one sitting. By doing the most profitable matched betting offers and the best casino offers, you can maximise your time and profit per hour!

If you compare the two, you can make as much from casino offers as you can from matched betting.

If you have yet to try them, I have an introduction to casino offers you can access for free. I even walk you through a couple of offers step by step to show you exactly how they work while making some profit along the way. There are a few things to consider, like dealing with variance, but in the long run, your profits should trend towards the ‘expected value’. My guide explains all of this in detail.

OddsMonkey list every welcome offer and have a daily reload offers page. They also include tools like an expected value calculator, simulator and slots database to help you maximise your profits.


OddsMonkey has one final ace up its sleeve – BetConnect.

BetConnect is a relatively new exchange that merged with OddsMonkey in November 2022, and it operates a little differently from a regular betting exchange.

A regular exchange such as Smarkets sets their odds based on users’ back and lay bets. BetConnect instead scans bookmakers to find the best odds available and matches them. If you were a punter wanting to place back bets with the best odds possible, you could do so without using an odds comparison site and multiple bookmaker accounts. BetConnect would always have the best odds.

Back bets are the only option publicly available on BetConnect’s website. The lay side, which we matched bettors are interested in, is powered by OddsMonkey members. Therefore, the only way to place a lay bet on BetConnect is via one of OddsMonkey’s tools.

It may sound complicated, but the bottom line is that BetConnect often gives the best lay odds for matched betting, and that is primarily why tools like the BOG Matcher are possible. It’s exclusive to OddsMonkey, with zero commission, so it’s a big plus for increasing your profits with no additional effort.

As a bonus, BetConnect can also ‘lock in’ your lay odds for 60 seconds while you place your back bet. This lock-in prevents the frustrating situation where the exchange odds change after placing your back bet.


When you hit a certain point in your matched betting journey, you will want to try some of the premium tools to either save you time or give you access to opportunities that are not practical otherwise.

When you’re ready to take that step, opt for OddsMonkey. There are so many tools that increase your profits, some of which can justify the monthly subscription on their own. Put their exclusive 0% Smarkets commission, chat and email support and thriving community on top of this, and you’ve got yourself a no-brainer for any matched bettor.

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