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The simple way to make some extra cash from bookmaker promotions, no matter the outcome of your bets.

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No subscriptions. No trials.

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currently to be made, with complete tutorials for each one.

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of reload offer profit posted since 2014.*

Profit Log

Seeing is believing. I’ve logged the outcome to every offer I’ve ever posted.

* Does not include invite-only offers and offers in the more advanced matched betting methods. The figure shown requires a full set of unrestricted bookmaker accounts.

I believe everyone should be able to benefit from matched betting, just like I and many thousands of others have. That’s why all my guides and tutorials are completely free to use.

Matt Kirman – Matched betting blogger since 2014

The simplest way to learn. Bar none.

2024澳洲幸运五查询历史记录 The Matched Betting Academy

Constructed by experienced matched bettors, every type of offer is broken down and easy to follow. Offers and strategies are logically ordered, so you follow a clearly defined path from total novice to advanced matched bettor.

A clear path at your pace

Tackle offers in the most logical order while building your knowledge and profits the whole way.

Step-by-step guides

Never be left guessing with guides that walk you through every step of every offer.

Class leading tools

With calculators and tools for every offer type, you’ll never have to manually figure out what bets to place where.

Offer progress tracking

Keeping on top of all your open offers can get tricky. Track the offers you’ve got in progress with a single click.

Personal support

I respond to all support requests, comments and social posts. You won’t need to be matched betting alone.


Find further support and a community of like-minded matched bettors. We’re all here to help and make profits!

A flexible, convenient second income

Fits around your schedule

Place your bets at times that suit you. The quicker you get, the more convenient and profitable it becomes.

Make about £20 per hour

By putting in around 30 minutes each day, you can make close to £300 per month. The more time you put in, the bigger the profits.

Matched bet anywhere that suits you

Relax at home or make some extra profit on your daily commute. If you have a mobile, tablet or computer on you, you can matched bet.

Join thousands who’ve already profited

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Matched betting was my first endeavour into making money online. It’s the perfect way to make an extra few hundred quid a month and allowed me to save enough to backpack around South America.

Bradley – Kent

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“Recommended by a friend a few years back and still use to this day! Easy to follow examples, and the calculator is a major help too. Would happily recommend to anyone!”

SAM – Lincolnshire

“Brilliant website, informative and friendly and helped me take advantage of all of the offers bookies have to offer.”

Jake – Taunton

“Great for anyone looking to get into it as a beginner or even if you have some experience. The guides are clearly set out, the whole site is easy to navigate, and it’s full of useful content.”

Ali – London

Start profiting today

Save for a holiday, a big event or just have some spare money for the weekends. Matched betting can get you there.

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